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Youth Hunters

Youth Pheasant Hunters

2024 Sponsored Events
2024 Sponsored Events

Event Pictures

Veteran's Hunt 2023
Youth Hunt 2023
Heritage Classic Youth Day 2023
Leifer Wildlife Area Prescribed Burn 2023
Becoming an Outdoor Woman Winter 2023
Oxford Junction Tree Cutting 2023
Leifker Tree Cutting 2023
Veteran's Hunt 2022
Fall BOW 2022
Youth Hunt 2022
Heritage Classic Youth Day 2022
Roadside Cleanup Spring 2022
Leifer Wildlife Area Prescribed Burn 2022
Tree Planting 2022
Whitewater Wildlife Area Maint 2022
Leifker Tree Cutting Part 2 Jan 2022
Ringneck Ridge Work Day 2022
Oxford Junction Tree Cutting Jan 2022
Leifker Tree Cutting Jan 2022
Veteran's Hunt 2021
Youth Hunt 2021
Roadside Cleanup Fall 2021
Heritage Classic Youth Day 2021
Roadside Cleanup Spring 2021
Oxford Junction Tree Planting 2021
Hale Wildlife Prescribed Burn 2021
Oxford Junction Tree Cutting 2020
Roadside Cleanup 2020
Drive-Thru Banquet 2020
Tree Planting 2020
Oxford Junction Prescribed Burn 2020
Leifker Wildlife Area Maintenance 2020
Oxford Junction Maintenance 2020
Tree Planting 2019
Oxford Junction Maintenance 2019
Youth Hunt 2019
Veteran's Hunt 2019
Heritage Classic Youth Day 2019
Veteran's Hunt 2018
Youth Hunt 2018
Heritage Classic Youth Day 2018
Heritage Classic Youth Day 2017
Tree Cutting 2017
Veteran's Hunt 2017
Youth Hunt 2017
Tree Planting 2017
Leifker Wildlife Work Day 2
Veteran's Hunt 2016
Leifker Wildlife Area Work Day
Youth Hunt 2016
Heritage Classic Youth Day 2016
Outdoor Woman 2016
Land Acquisitions
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on the specific land acquisition.)
Leifker Wildlife Area
White Water Canyon
Ringneck Ridge


DubuqueLand Pheasants Forever Mission:
Pheasants Forever is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of pheasants and other wildlife populations in North America through habitat improvements, land management, public awareness and education.

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